If you are looking for aluminum components with low distortion and low residual stress, choose ALU heat treatments from RÜBIG. RÜBIG cu­stomers in the automotive and other industries benefit from short pro­cessing times at premium quality.

During heat treatments, a thermal impact is applied in order to posit­ively affect the material charact­eristics of aluminium. The aluminium atoms are arranged in a crystal lattice and contain im­per­fections which increase the strength of the aluminium. The amount of the imperfections contained in the lattice is tempera­ture-dependent. The higher the temperature increas­es, the more imperfections occur and the more moveable the atoms which start to move become. This is called diff­usion and forms the foun­dation for all heat treatments. We offer different aluminium states such as T4, T5, T6, T7 with different quen­ching options (e.g. air quen­ching, polymer quenching, water quen­ching).  



  • Improves strength
  • Avoids deformation
  • Dimensional stability
  • Improves cold deformation
  • Increases toughness

RÜBIG customers may choose from the follo­wing treatments:

  • Heat treatment for wrought alloys
  • Heat treatment for casting alloys
  • Solution annealing with air qu­enching
  • Artificial aging    
  • T4: Solution annealed and cold precipitated (Al-Cu-Mg pref­erred)
  • T5: Quenched from warm forming temperature and warm precip­itated
  • T6: Solution annealed and warm precipitated (Al-Mg-Si alloys preferred)
  • T6: Air quenching
  • T6: Water quenching
  • T6: Polymeric queniching
  • T7: Solution annealed and overcured (warm precipitated)

Detailed descriptions of our pro­cedures are presented in our te­chnical data sheets that are avail­able for download.

Benefits of RÜBIG ALU treatments for your components

  • Short processing times
  • Close tolerance band
  • Heat treatment processes tailor-made for individual materials and components
  • Pusher type furnace with high throughput  

Technical Data

  • Maximum dimensions plant Wels (AT): 1.450mm x 1.070mm x 1.000mm (L x W x H)
  • Maximum dimensions plant Pilsting (DE): 1.800 mm x 1.100mm x 2.000mm (L x W x H)
  • Solution heat treatment: temperatures up to 550°C and time on temperature variable
  • Precipitation: temperatures up to 250°C and time on temperature variable

More informations on request: alu.office@rubig.com

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