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Company History



With RUBIG Technologie GmbH, the former hardening technology foundation building in Schafwiesenstraße in Wels was brought up to the latest standards. The laser as the central element offers almost unlimited possibilities in this field. Technologies and processes such as laser deposition welding, laser hardening, laser cutting and welding can thus be further developed and optimized.


RUBIG's location in Taicang/Jiangsu Province functions as a sales and service office in order to be able to serve customers promptly and competently.


RUBIG is celebrating its 70th company anniversary in September.


In fall, RUBIG Heat Treatment establishes its new production site, RUBIG ALU Germany, in Pilsting.


On the 12th July 2013, we celebrate the opening of our newly constructed heat treatment site RUBIG SK. One week later, the opening of the service site RUBIG US, Inc. takes place in Rockford, IL, in the USA.


On the 30th July 2012, the groundbreaking ceremony is held for the new heat treatment site RUBIG SK, which makes RUBIG the first foreign investor to settle in the 30-hectare industrial park in Prievidza. Also in 2012, the service branch of RUBIG Industrial Furnaces was founded in the US state of Illinois.


RUBIG Die Forge puts a new forging press into operation, resulting in a longer service life and higher productivity.


RUBIG Heat Treatment extends the site at Griesmühlstrasse 4, creating the most advanced surface engineering center in Austria. MICROPULS® plasma nitriding and hard coating systems complete the range of offered solutions – hardening, nitriding and coating from a single source. A new case hardening line almost doubles the processing capacity.


The company celebrates its 60th anniversary and 800 guests come together to toast the founding families and employees. RUBIG Aluminium GmbH is established at Griesmühlstrasse 4 in Wels, and one of the most advanced aluminum tempering plants in Austria is put into operation.


RUBIG Die Forge takes on an additional building, moving administration, sales and shipping to a new home in Mitterhoferstrasse 11. The Novaky site is established in Slovakia, producing raw components for machinery and coordinating all sales activities in the East.


RUBIG Heat Treatment commissions one of the most advanced job-shop heat treatment operations in Europe. It offers the latest heat treatment technology with the shortest lead times at its site in Marchtrenk. With its VDA 6.1 certification the company extends its range of standardization.


RUBIG Die Forge relocates to a new site at Mitterhoferstrasse 17 in Wels. The company’s toolmaking department remains in Schulstrasse and is expanded further.


The global success of MICROPULS® plasma nitriding technology requires the expansion of the production facility in Durisolstrasse.


The RUBIG Group celebrates its 50th anniversary. RUBIG Industrial Furnaces in Durisolstrasse extend their business premises, and RUBIG Die Forge is certified to EN ISO 9001.


The company achieves technological leadership thanks to ultra-advanced heat treatment technologies. Close ties with OEMs, tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers in the automotive industry make it necessary to apply for EN ISO 9001 certification.


A change of generations: After nearly 50 years in business, brothers Helmut and Herbert Rübig retire and hand the company Franz Rübig & Söhne GmbH & Co KG over to their sons DI Günter Rübig, Dr. Paul Rübig and Wolfgang Rübig. DI Günter Rübig assumes the management of the company.


Operations start at Durisolstrasse in Wels. RUBIG Special Purpose Engineering, established in the previous year, produce their first nitriding and purification systems at the new site.


The development of MICROPULS® plasma nitriding technology and HYDROVAC® metal cleaning systems mark RUBIG’s technological advances in the area of heat treatments. Performance-enhancing thermal treatment systems and processes ensure that the Heat Treatment division keeps on growing.


By establishing RUBIG GmbH & Co KG, heat treatment shop and materials laboratory, Helmut and his son DI Günter Rübig open up the first job-shop vacuum hardening service in Upper Austria. The site at Schafwiesenstrasse in Wels heat-treats tools and products not just for forges, but also for the Austrian hardware industry.


Helmut Rübig acquires an additional hydropower plant at Schafwiesenstrasse. This marks the basis of another business section – RUBIG Heat Treatment. The business idea of “job-shop heat treatment” is taking shape.


With the establishment of a sales office in Freilassing, Germany, RUBIG starts to deal with European markets on a local level. Subsidiaries in France and England follow. A global patent has been granted for the RUBIG safety linchpin.


The RUBIG products are now sold worldwide, and a new forge is built at Schulstrasse 21a. The slogan “Security through quality” underlines the high quality of the linchpins and flat link chains.


The company purchases its first hydropower plant – Hofmühle in Wels-Lichtenegg. In line with the motto “A true blacksmith needs his own energy source!”, the company recognizes that a cost-effective power supply makes the production more economical.


The second in-house product, flat link chains, is the reason for a first business expansion. More forging presses and a stamping shop are set up in an additional building. RUBIG’s forged chains are still in use throughout the world today.


RUBIG’s first in-house product, the folding or linchpin, marks the cornerstone for the company’s steady growth. “Bending, not breaking” and “Safety first” are two of the company’s mottos. The agricultural and construction industries in particular recognize the benefits of RUBIG linchpins.


The acquisition of a drop board hammer greatly influenced the company’s history. Drop-forged parts for the sewing machine industry were among the first products.


Founding of RUBIG as a company, located at Schulstrasse 21a in the Austrian town of Wels. Franz Rübig and his two sons Herbert and Helmut decided to start a metal processing business. Starting point was a bombed house, which was converted by hand into a workshop. The first products included punching and stamping parts for apparatus and medical engineering.