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RUBIG expertise for wind turbines

In recent years, wind energy has become one of the most important renewable energy sources worldwide. To ensure long-term reliable and efficient operation, wind turbine components must withstand the stresses they are exposed to during operation.

Nitriding of components for machining centres

Turning, drilling and milling: in modern machining centres, the execution of these work steps is highly dynamic, with high material removal rates. The components of a machining centre must withstand high accelerations and cutting forces. Core components such as spindles, slide guides, workpieces and...

Nitriding in Practice – Best practice example ENGEL

Anyone can do simple – at RUBIG we are specialists in sophisticated customer solutions. RUBIG Industrial Furnaces has even developed a customised concept for ENGEL, an Austrian manufacturer of plastic injection moulding machines.


Looking back at Thermprocess 2023

After four years, the time had come again: from 12th to 16th June, the Thermprocess took place in Düsseldorf.

neue zertifikate für RÜBIG

RUBIG Heat Treatment gains new certifications

ISO 14001 and ISO 45001: Do you know what certifications lie behind these numerical codes? At RUBIG, we can give you an insight into these standards because, following a four-day external audit in March, we now hold certifications for our Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) and Occupational...

Auftragsschweißen von Gesenkketten

Discover the advantages of laser

Laser deposition welding, laser hardening and 3D laser cutting: At RUBIG Technology and Laser Center, we offer all this and more! Discover the wide range of possibilities and benefit from our expert knowledge.

RUBIG at SIAE 2023

SIAE 2023, International Paris Air Show

Visit us at SIAE in Paris from 19 - 25 June 2023.

RUBIG at Thermprocess

Thermprocess 2023

Visit us at Thermprocess in Düsseldorf from 12 - 16 June 2023.

Test-Cookie mit und ohne Korrosion

In the event of damage, we are here to help: we can optimise your product

Perfect design and meticulous planning, yet it failed to pass the practical test? The strengths and weaknesses of a component are often not apparent until it is actually put to use. As a result of this setback, companies often have to restart the development process from scratch. And that costs time...

PLASTIT® Beschichtung

Coatings to satisfy all technical requirements

Do you know how many different parts there are in an aircraft? A Boeing 747 has around 6 million components. All of the components have to satisfy the most stringent safety standards, to prevent any accidents when the plane is in flight. Corrosion, premature distortion, material fatigue or similar...


The RUBIG Group is expanding its coating and systems range with PVD!

What does the lotus flower have in common with this brand new product at RUBIG? The lotus flower has special surface properties that protect it from external influences. With the brand new PVD technology ‘MICROPULS® Lotus’, similar protective and improving surface properties can be created. 

Spritzguss Anlagentechnik

Nitriding of injection molding components

Challenges for extruders and injection molding components are enormous: Mechanical and corrosive stresses on individual machine components continue to increase. Especially extruder screws, spindles, shafts and comparable parts are affected. High servicing costs and down-times are the result.