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PLASTIT® Beschichtung

Coatings to satisfy all technical requirements

Do you know how many different parts there are in an aircraft? A Boeing 747 has around 6 million components. All of the components have to satisfy the most stringent safety standards, to prevent any accidents when the plane is in flight. Corrosion, premature distortion, material fatigue or similar...


The RUBIG Group is expanding its coating and systems range with PVD!

What does the lotus flower have in common with this brand new product at RUBIG? The lotus flower has special surface properties that protect it from external influences. With the brand new PVD technology ‘MICROPULS® Lotus’, similar protective and improving surface properties can be created. 

Spritzguss Anlagentechnik

Nitriding of injection molding components

Challenges for extruders and injection molding components are enormous: Mechanical and corrosive stresses on individual machine components continue to increase. Especially extruder screws, spindles, shafts and comparable parts are affected. High servicing costs and down-times are the result.

Wind Anlagen

Nitriding of large gearbox components

It’s the top of heat treatment: Nitriding of large gearbox components, which are for example used for wind power generation. Especially wear resistance, combined with the request that only certain areas may be nitrided, are the major challenges.

Innovative plasma nitriding by dynamic process control using optical frequency combs

The absolute priority for RUBIG is the continuous further development in order to stay at the cutting edge of technology. Bundling competencies is an excellent way to achieve this goal. With Norbert Lang, Ibrahim Sadiek and Uwe Macherius from INP in Greifswald, as well as Stefan Matern from Menlo...

4 Cost Savings through Plasma Nitriding

Rising oil and gas prices, soaring energy costs and inflation rates which we have not had for many decades are the current issues of a lot of companies. Radical financial cutbacks and investment stops are often a consequence. However, it is worth having a very close look at the running instead of...

Is your component under stress?

RUBIG Competence Center provides roentgenographic measurement of residual stresses or residual stress profiles in component surface areas. Thereby, RUBIG helps customers to gain crucial knowledge regarding strength, long-life fatigue strength and regarding influences from mechanical or spark erosion...

Wels Karrieretag

HTL Wels Karrieretag

RUBIG exhibits today at "HTL Wels Karrieretag", the career fair of HTI (Higher Technical Institute) Wels. 


Green water treatment for RUBIG Alu in Germany

Our RUBIG site in Pilsting, Germany, has invested in an environmentally-aware alternative for its water treatment. 

vertreter usa

New Representation Cooperation USA

RUBIG is very pleased to have a new sales representative on the Industrial Furnaces team: Kyle Favors and Josh Harvey from CF Thermal Inc. 

bacteria virus fungal

Breaking the chain of infection

RUBIG can help you break the chain of infection – with our coatings service or by developing a process tailored to your needs, together with the corresponding onsite coatings equipment.


RUBIG Technology meets Art

RUBIG was allowed to contribute to an impressive art project. It has been in the works for 40 years and more than 60,000 working hours have already been put into this unique piece of art.