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The new RUBIG plasma generator

The RUBIG plasma generator is the heart of every RUBIG MICROPULS® series system and, as the name indicates, generates plasma. Plasma, the 4th state of matter beyond solid, liquid and gaseous states is produced when very large quantities of energy are added to a gas. This can be achieved either by...

Safe travel with RUBIG know-how

Safety is an essential aspect in public transportation and companies put a lot of brain power into further development and guarantee of just that. RUBIG Die Forge is now jumping on this bandwagon and is in the process of becoming a series supplier for IFE Group, a market leader in the railroad...

Update for Deep Nitriding processes of 32CDV13 and 40CD12

RUBIG has successfully performed test processes for gas nitriding of these steels with a targeted nitriding depth of much more than 1 mm. In this case, however, process duration can be expressed in weeks rather than days or hours!


Ready to upgrade?

 You are upset of the disposable society that we have become? So are our colleagues at RUBIG Industrial Furnaces! And this is precisely why we have put brain power, time and energy into the quality controls and longevity of our furnaces ever since our foundation in 1992. 

The first MICROPULS® Everest 300/300 Duo in the history of RUBIG!

The MICROPULS® Everest 300/300 Duo plant is the first of its kind. For the project team of RUBIG it was a special pleasure but also a challenge to realize the plant with a height and a diameter of 3 meters each for our customer.

EVI - simply reliable!

Many have already noticed - the new visualization, which has been installed as standard in the new MICROPULS® Everest furnaces since last year, now has also a name: EVI.

RUBIG Heavy Duty Drive Chain - The chain for the highest loads

Are you looking for a chain that can withstand the highest loads in agriculture, wood processing, waste disposal, recycling, etc., even under harsh operating conditions? The production of the chain conveyor should be individual, but uncomplicated?


RUBIG heavy duty chains are extremely robust that...

Deep nitriding - technological top class

Deep nitriding in Aerospace is not only technological top class, but rather an art in its own right.

RUBIG AntiViralCoating - so that viruses do not find a hold

The RUBIG AntiViralCoating based on copper or copper oxide is intended to reduce or even prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria through oxidation of the surface. It is suitable for metal, plastic and filter materials.

With the aim of maximizing wear and corrosion resistance, RUBIG has already...

The right heat treatment for the pharmaceutical industry

OEMs and suppliers in the pharmaceutical industry see themselves confronted with engineering challenges of making production steps more efficient while keeping high quality levels. The different end applications, ranging from weighing and granulating to screening or mixing, allow no inaccuracies. 

RUBIG Linch pin - reliable and durable

Linch pins are fasteners that serve as securing elements on agricultural machinery, construction machinery or commercial vehicles, just to name but a few. Due to their simple applicability without losing reliability in terms of safety, they have proven their worth time and again. 

A look inside the plasma nitriding system

What exactly happens during plasma nitriding? As much as we are theoretically aware of the process, as much have we been missing a visual demonstration of what is going on inside steel components.