In the photo: Leon Zhao, service engineer RUBIG China and the responsible Austrian engineers Manuel Frei, Markus Saxinger and Philipp Humer

Plasma Nitriding Technology for Large Gearbox Production

RÜBIG Industrial Furnaces sets new standards with the production of equipment with the largest diameter in the history of the company.

With an effective diameter of 2,2 m it is the largest cross section plasma nitriding equipment produced to date by RÜBIG Industrial Furnaces. It will soon come into operation in China in order to perform ring gear nitriding for the wind power industry.

Besides the proper technological equipment which enables control of all process parameters independently from one another, thus implementing them swiftly, the customer’s final decision was also influenced by the company's new Chinese servicing centre. Support, as far as repairs, spare parts and process development are concerned, will be provided in the future also locally.

The application of nitriding increases especially in drive systems fabrication because the low level of distortion makes the follow-up procedures, such as re-grinding and shot blasting, obsolete and thus significantly reduces costs. Coupled with the fact that as opposed to traditional heat treatment no toxic gases are used and no open flame is needed, plasma nitriding technology provides the perfect basis for its problem free integration for serial manufacturers.