RÜBIG Heat Treatment Workshops in March 2019

This year RÜBIG is once again organising a heat treatment workshop which has enjoyed great popularity in recent years. In its two modules it provides valuable expertise for designers and producers. Make use of our workshops and courses, because: Those who lack knowledge have to believe everything they're told! 

Module 1 “Heat Treatment Technology. BASICS” lasts three days (25th to 27th March 2019) and covers the foundations and procedures of the heat treatment of steel. The following content will be explained to the participants:

  • Introduction of the subject matter
  • Foundations of the heat treatment of steel
  • Annealing of steels
  • Hardening and quenching/tempering
  • Thermochemical treatment
  • Hard coating
  • Laser hardening and cladding
  • Decision making props for designers and producers

Besides imparting expert knowledge, the lecturers have a hands-on approach with direct connection to the furnace and the laboratory at the University in Wels. Module 2 “Heat Treatment Technology. ADVANCED” lasts two days (28th to 29th March 2019) and serves as an extension for designers and producers. The prerequisite is a good grasp of heat treatment basics, ideally coming from Module 1. The participants may look forward to covering the following topics:

  • Short introduction to material science
  • Testing of hardened components
  • Heat treatment specifications included in drawings
  • Measurement of residual stress and retained austenite
  • Corrosion
  • Introduction to systematic defect analysis
  • Design, production and planning, taking into account heat treatment

Details of RÜBIG’s Heat Treatment Workshop may be found in the folder (ATTENTION: as it is a German course only a German folder is provided). You may apply online at https://www.rubig.com/unternehmen/aktuelles/termine-veranstaltungen/.