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RÜBIG Laser Technologie

RUBIG Laser Technology

As a central element, the laser provides almost unlimited possibilities under the motto “4 lenses and 4 technologies”.

75 Jahre RÜBIG

75 years of RUBIG

This year RUBIG celebrates its 75th anniversary and we invite you to come and travel with through three quarters of a century!



Tribology describes the study of friction between two surfaces in relative motion. It primarily describes the wear of surfaces and represents a daily challenge for heat treaters worldwide. Wear can never be completely prevented, only slowed down. 

A look inside the gas nitriding system

What exactly happens during gas nitriding?

Usually the theoretical procedures and processes are known, but a visual demonstration makes it easier to explain these complex processes in a simple and understandable way.

Save time and money with regular maintenance

For any production facility, malfunctions in a plant are inconvenient. To get back to normal as soon as possible, it is essential to identify the reason for the malfunction. Mostly, they result from leaks, occurring frequently in the thermocouples feedthroughs, grommets, in valves or diaphragms.

Reaching new heights with RUBIG technology

RUBIG technology once again scales new heights. This time, however, it is on the drive systems respectively the main rotor mast and main gearbox of a civilian Russian transport helicopter. That particular helicopter can move its 6.5 tons (not including the 17 passengers) with a speed of up to 310...

RÜBIG Zugfestigkeitsprüfung

RUBIG Tensile Testing

The key use and application properties of components and materials are often evaluated based on their mechanical properties. For metals, in addition to hardness testing, tensile tests are the most common technical mechanical test procedure.

Biocidal Coatings Research

The importance of copper as a biocide has been known for a long time. The mechanism of action and the degree of effectiveness of copper on bacteria have already been researched to a large extent and described in detail in the literature. While the same is true for the effectiveness of copper on...

RUBIG PVD Technology

RUBIG has been one of the global market leaders in the field of Coating Technology for several years. Today, RUBIG Technology is expanding its focus to the area of PVD. 

One laser, many applications

As a central element, the laser provides almost unlimited possibilities under the motto “4 lenses and 4 technologies”. Here you will find examples for application. 

The new RUBIG plasma generator

The RUBIG plasma generator is the heart of every RUBIG MICROPULS® series system and, as the name indicates, generates plasma. Plasma, the 4th state of matter beyond solid, liquid and gaseous states is produced when very large quantities of energy are added to a gas. This can be achieved either by...

Safe travel with RUBIG know-how

Safety is an essential aspect in public transportation and companies put a lot of brain power into further development and guarantee of just that. RUBIG Die Forge is now jumping on this bandwagon and is in the process of becoming a series supplier for IFE Group, a market leader in the railroad...