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vertreter usa

New Representation Cooperation USA

RUBIG is very pleased to have a new sales representative on the Industrial Furnaces team: Kyle Favors and Josh Harvey from CF Thermal Inc. 

bacteria virus fungal

Breaking the chain of infection

RUBIG can help you break the chain of infection – with our coatings service or by developing a process tailored to your needs, together with the corresponding onsite coatings equipment.


RUBIG Technology meets Art

RUBIG was allowed to contribute to an impressive art project. It has been in the works for 40 years and more than 60,000 working hours have already been put into this unique piece of art. 


How corrosion-resistant is your component?

Corrosion resistance depends on the interplay between material composition, heat treatment and environmental conditions (media, temperature, mechanical load, etc.). There are further many varied influences on corrosion resistance, from steel production and the entire produc-tion process right up to...

RUBIG Green Nitriding

RUBIG’s leading plasma nitriding technology is the key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the nitriding process while increasing its cost-effectiveness. 

RUBIG NitroPep

A team of dedicated researchers from the University of Birmingham teamed up to develop an innovative coating solution (NitroPep) which binds antimicrobial actives on metal and plastic surfaces. But it is only the combination of RUBIG plasma technology that enables resilient, long-term bonding of the...

RCC Eigenspannungsmessung

Residual Stress Measurements

Every component, tool or any welded structure is under residual stresses. Even raw materials, which are used to manufacture and heat treat components, are not free of these. Residual stress is tension within a closed system which is shielded from external forces or moments. The residual stresses...


Replacement of hard chrome with RUBIG Technology

Many industries, including for example hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, need to take action as the EU has imposed a ban on chrome VI. The RUBIG Group has been working on an appropriate substitute for hard chrome coatings. Joint research activities between RUBIG Competence Center, RUBIG Heat...

RÜBIG Laser Technologie

RUBIG Laser Technology

As a central element, the laser provides almost unlimited possibilities under the motto “4 lenses and 4 technologies”.

75 Jahre RÜBIG

75 years of RUBIG

This year RUBIG celebrates its 75th anniversary and we invite you to come and travel with through three quarters of a century!



Tribology describes the study of friction between two surfaces in relative motion. It primarily describes the wear of surfaces and represents a daily challenge for heat treaters worldwide. Wear can never be completely prevented, only slowed down. 

A look inside the gas nitriding system

What exactly happens during gas nitriding?

Usually the theoretical procedures and processes are known, but a visual demonstration makes it easier to explain these complex processes in a simple and understandable way.