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A look inside the plasma nitriding system

What exactly happens during plasma nitriding? As much as we are theoretically aware of the process, as much have we been missing a visual demonstration of what is going on inside steel components.

The ideal heat treatment for surgical instruments

Surgical instruments are exposed to extreme environmental conditions when in use and still have to fulfill the highest quality criteria in terms of hygiene. Technological advancements have led to a substantial progress in providing the latter. The right choice of material sets the foundation for...

Companies from the motor sports industry trust in RÜBIG

Within the motorsports industry and to ensure safety, the demands on component manufacturers and their suppliers are on the highest level. To ensure safety, many companies rely on heat treatment from RÜBIG.

Free download of RUBIG 3D models saves valuable time

Get the freely available 3D models of the entire range of linch pins from RUBIG Die Forge and save valuable time.

Plasma nitriding technology - sustainable and environmentally friendly

Sustainability and environmental awareness have been written in capital letters at RUBIG for decades and the company thus has the technological leadership of the "Zero Emission" plasma technology. The technology was developed at RUBIG Heat Treatment and RUBIG Industrial Furnaces. It is applicable...

RÜBIG PLAPOL - a longer life for your components

The "PLAPOL" process is a "coating" or diffusion process that increases the surface hardness of various steels such as cold work or tool steels. It is generally suitable for steels having a tempering temperature higher than 400 °C (e.g. 1.2343, 1.2311, 1.2316 or 1.2083).

Plasma instead of chrome - the environmentally friendly alternative

For many years chrome plating has been the solution for certain requirements on surfaces, such as hardness and corrosion resistance. As requirements are getting more and are harder to be met, the environmental impact gains importance too.

RUBIG is putting one of the largest nitriding furnaces into operation!

It is a MICROPULS® Everest plasma nitriding furnace - the specialty of RUBIG Industrial Furnace. One of the charging floors, to be seen on the picture on the right, is designed for components of a height of up to 3m. The second floor, the left one, even measures a usable height of 6m. Particularly...

"Zero Emission" plasma nitriding technology

The wind industry is one of the fastest growing areas in the energy sector. Technology and design have advanced tremendously for the past years. While generators delivered an output of 3 MW as state of the art in 1985, output values have climbed up to 10 to 12 MW until today. The increase in...

Heat treatment for medical technology

RUBIG offers a broad portfolio of heat treatment process for medical technology. In the field of vacuum hardening (an MDSAP certificate is provided) RUBIG draws on quite some experience with special or stainless steels (1.4028, 1.4034, etc). The focus is set on the needs of the end customer/the end...

The Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) of our nitriding furnaces stands out due to its maximum in usability. The menu is intuitively structured and hence enables also new operators to find their way around very quickly. Customers are especially pleased with the new program editor. With the help of the...

RÜBIG Nitriding Seminar in Düsseldorf, Germany

It’s all about nitriding! The demand for this process is on the rise – whether for the classic approach with ammonia or the more recent and environmental friendly one with plasma. New materials, higher component requirements and the willingness to refrain from traditional heat treatment processes...