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Plasma Nitriding Technology for Large Gearbox Production

RÜBIG Industrial Furnaces sets new standards with the production of equipment with the largest diameter in the history of the company.

Site and Production Management of RÜBIG Heat Treatment and Aluminium

Since 1st July 2018 a three-member team has been in charge of the production of RÜBIG Heat Treatment as well as of RÜBIG Aluminium sites. They are professionals in their respective areas of expertise and the right contact partners for your specific requests.

RÜBIG Fastener Technology – Small Parts with a Great Amount of Responsibility

When looking for safe connections and securing elements for your machines: RÜBIG has a convenient safety linch pin for you!

Opening of Europe’s cutting-edge aluminium heat treatment facility

The opening ceremony of RÜBIG Aluminium Pilsting took place on September 28 with the participation of numerous customers, friends and employees of RÜBIG Group.

RÜBIG materials engineering laboratory receives a marking laser

Since this summer the RÜBIG materials engineering laboratory has had the opportunity to use state of the art and precise laser marking of components and samples made of metallic materials (steel, aluminium etc.) and plastic. This possibility is not just used for internal application but it is also...

RÜBIG nitriding workshop 2018

An important meeting for industry experts and friends took place September 18-19 in Düsseldorf. On this occasion RÜBIG invited participants from Germany and Switzerland and also business partners from Slovenia, Hungary and Great Britain, to its third nitriding workshop.

New Wire Bending Machine Guarantees a Perfect Buckle for RÜBIG’s Safety Linchpins

RÜBIG’s linchpins are safety elements in which the interaction between the die forged pin and a spring buckle specifically designed to match individual linchpin type and size plays an important role. The spring buckle guarantees optimum clamping force and prevents the undesired loss of the linchpin.

Fair CIHTE 2018 in Beijing

The CIHTE is an international exhibition in the field of industrial heat treatment and took place in 2018 in Beijing. For the first time RÜBIG was represented at the fair.

Voluntary blood donors are life savers!

In addition to various employee events, RÜBIG has been offering the blood donation campaign for several years. This took place this year on September 13 in the seminar room of the RÜBIG heat treatment in Marchtrenk.

RÜBIG Group Opens a Site in China and Develops Its Technological Leadership

AUSTRIA/TAICANG: The focus of the internationally successful RÜBIG Group is sustainable growth. The opening of RÜBIG Industrial Furnaces (Taicang) Co., Ltd. in China was therefore a significant step in further reinforcement of its technological leadership in the production of plasma and gas...

Successful collaboration between RÜBIG and Wels Higher Technical Education Institute (HTL)

WELS: RÜBIG Industrial Furnaces division produces plasma and gas nitriding systems for customers across the world. In order to be able to give a presentation of the fundamental principles and the functionality of a plasma nitriding system, in particular at trade fairs, this company in Wels has now...

Fast and straightforward – the RÜBIG online shop

Daily orders made via the RÜBIG online shop range from a minimum quantity of special linch pins through to bulk orders and individual spare parts. Orders can be placed with just a few clicks – from your PC or your mobile device – fast and straightforward.