Titanium-based coatings

Carbon lf Plastit®


The multi-layer coating system based on titanium carbonitride reduces friction and abrasive wear during forming processes and thus enables significantly longer service lives. As a coating of forming tools, it improves the forming behavior and the surface quality of the produced parts. TiCN is even harder than the TiN coating and is recommended for all tools that are exposed to a high wear load.

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Titanium-based coatings

Gold lf Plastit®


The gold-colored, attractive titanium nitride coating has long been a universally proven standard coating with balanced properties:

  • High hardness and adhesive strength
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good temperature resistance in air
  • Relatively low thermal conductivity
  • Low friction coefficients (< 0.2 ) compared to steel
  • Biocompatible and food safe

It is characterized in particular by its high toughness and extremely low tendency to cold welding, and it insulates against corrosion. The golden coloration makes the beginning of any wear and tear of the coating recognizable at a glance. The first choice for tools in plastics processing.

Titanium-based coatings are particularly used in the aerospace, automotive and medical technology sectors.

Titanium-based coatings

Boron Nanocomp Plastit®


When casting aluminum alloys in permanent molds, the molding tools are stressed by erosion, corrosion, sticking and thermal fatigue. As a result, the surface quality of both the tools and the castings produced deteriorates. Our BORON Nanocomp PLASTIT®, a multilayer coating with varying boron contents and many advantages for tools, cores and ejector systems, protects against these stresses:

  • Increase of wear resistance
  • Reduction of corrosion by aluminum melt

  • Protection against aluminum bonding and welding

  • Improvement of sliding properties

  • Release agent reduction
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