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Hunting knives, knife sharpeners and fishing accessories:
We are committed to nature!

Leisure products

Hunting knife

The production of high-quality knives is traditionally closely linked to forging.

RUBIG offers ready-made hunting knives (with engraving or monogram on inquiry) as well as knife blanks. Our products are not mass-produced, but manufactured in small batches, which allows them to retain their exclusive and valuable character.

Our expertise ranges from die forging of the knife blades in our own house to the precise grinding of the blades by experienced knife makers by hand. The artisan details and the production of the leather sheaths are carried out in close cooperation with the renowned Slovak knife maker Luboš Píš. In addition, we offer the possibility to make individual damask knives.

Discover our exclusive hunting knives and knife sharpeners.

Hunting knife

Product overview


The "Helios" model is an integral hunting knife. The handle shape, which is comfortable to hold in the hand and has a wide, rounded contact surface on all sides for the index finger, provides maximum safety and allows the knife to be used with high force without reservation. At the same time, the handle design allows the knife to be guided safely and comfortably even with the cutting edge turned to the side or upwards. The prototypes were awarded as "Knife of the Year 2013" directly at their initial presentation.


In the "Genius" model, the handle sits on a massive screw-shank, which is just as robust as a single-piece forged design. This design allows a variety of different handle variants and gives our customers of raw parts or components the opportunity to put together their very special, individual knife.

Individual pieces

In the course of the development of new knife shapes, we produce small quantities of special designs over and over. These prototypes represent rare, particularly high-quality and sometimes almost exotic-looking collectibles.

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Leisure products

Fishing Accessories

Steel instead of lead – committed to nature!

In many areas of our everyday life, we strive to protect the environment from harm. Lead has long become obsolete in various applications such as water pipes, fuel additives and as a material for tire balancing weights. Lead bullets are also increasingly being replaced in hunting by more environmentally friendly alternatives such as tombac and soft iron.

At RUBIG, we offer environmentally conscious recreational anglers a sustainable option: environmentally friendly fishing accessories made of steel, made right in the heart of Europe. Our products are not only environmentally friendly, but also of the highest quality.

Fishing Accessories

Product overview


Due to their flow-dynamic shape, these weights offer an excellent grip on the floor of the water body and give bottom feeding fish only little room for movement after taking the bait. They are particularly suitable for soft and muddy ground.


The DISTANCE line is close to the natural drop shape. Due to this aero- and aquadynamic shape, this product family is optimal for bringing the bait to the desired location, even over long distances. At the same time, it means the lowest possible resistance through the water when reeling in. The larger volume, compared to lead weights, also has a positive effect on the rate of sinking.


For predatory fish lovers. The specially optimized shape of the fixing mandrel allows a simple, firm and twist-proof bait attachment and a deceptively natural-looking bait guide. Due to the advantageous weight distribution, the bait always remains upright and thus visible to the predator. On contact with the ground, one of the advantages of steel over lead becomes apparent: the greater noise development additionally draws the attention of the target fish.