Due to the efficient cooperation of the business fields forging technology, hardening technology and industrial furnaces, RUBIG is a globally leading system supplier of refined metallic components and components.

With the present Code of Conduct, the "RUBIG" Group of companies shows what the Group has stood for since its foundation. All companies of the RUBIG Group have committed themselves to the principles set out below and are committed to the guidelines developed from them.

The commitment to technology and innovation ensures the constant further development of its products and services. RUBIG alwas puts the customer needs and the customer interest as the main focus. From the industrial experience, technologies have been developed and carriers of our expertise have been trained, which continue to contribute to future-proof solutions.

RUBIG is committed to an ecological approach and to a careful and sustainable handling of our environment; this determines its purchasing policy and also its general business activities.


What RUBIG is committed to

RUBIG is committed to a future-oriented and sustainable corporate policy that is based on the pillars of profitability, ecology and social responsibility and does not contradict corporate growth and free competition. The establishment of a code of conduct is therefore just another logical step for our Group of companies.

RUBIG is aware that the obligations of the present Code of Conduct must be lived in real life. Owners, management, and the management team are aware of their role model function and are committed to this Code of Conduct. It was unanimously approved by the members of the Executive Board.

The Code of Conduct not only available on our homepage but also on our intranet. New employees will be informed of the current Code of Conduct when they start their work.

The Code of Conduct applies to all companies of the RUBIG Group and their employees. Foreign subsidiaries can take into account the necessary national conditions when implementing the Code of Conduct, if they do not override its basic concept.

The Code of Conduct is to be understood as a binding basis for trust, reliability, transparency and quality and serves as an orientation for you for daily operation and strategic processes.

The Code of Conduct fulfills two tasks. On one hand, it motivates our employees to act independently and, on the other hand, it reflects our business activites.

The Code of Conduct is based on the company's fundamental values, which have been defined in the strategic guidelines.

In addition, the Code of Conduct is based on the regulations of the Austrian Corporate Governance Code, the ILO (International Labour Organisation) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the UN Global Compact and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (A/RES/217, UN-Doc. 217/A-[III]) and the European Convention on Human Rights for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

Business ethics

The RUBIG Group is committed to ethical principles in its business policy. In your own interest and in the interest of the employees, you want to avoid conflicts of interest or loyalty.

The guiding principles in the field of business ethics are:

The employees must disclose potential conflicts of interest and are not allowed to participate directly or indirectly in a company that has a business relationship with its customers or suppliers according to the service contract.

Gifts may only be accepted by the employees with the approval of the management.  RUBIG is committed to fair, international competition and stands against all kinds of corruption. As a company, the RUBIG Group and all its business activities are subject to laws, regulations and the standards derived from these lawas. This includes all international and national regulations as well as local regulations, e.g. concerning occupational safety.

You have set yourself the goal of moving within this framework, and you also expect the employees to behave accordingly.

In their decisions and actions, they also include social, cultural and social rules.

It is one of the top goals to meet the requirements and expectations of the customers or, if possible, even to exceed them. You strive for long-term business relationships and want to offer adequate, efficient, reliable, cost-effective and durable solutions for customers.

Customers and Suppliers

Behavior towards customers and suppliers

In all areas of the company the customer is the central hub for action. RUBIG takes the needs of its customers seriously and thereby creates noticeable competitive advantages for them. The success of today's customers is the success of tomorrow. In order to meet the expectations of customers, the RUBIG Group presents itself professionally, innovatively and flexibly.

With internationalization, it is exploring new sales markets. This makes it possible to expand the innovation leadership in these areas and to strengthen the locations sustainably. Growth and continuity in increasing earnings are also the focus of market cultivation.

The guiding principles for customer contact are:

RUBIG treats its customers fairly and service-oriented by responding to their needs and wishes as much as possible. It informs the customers comprehensively, truthfully and up-to-date. By adapting the range of services as well as ongoing training & training of customers and   employees, it tries to always be on the cutting edge of technology.

The RUBIG Group strives for long-term business relationships based on mutual respect, trust and reliability. Together with the suppliers, it works on optimal solutions for the customers.

The guiding principles for supplier contact are:

The suppliers are partners of RUBIG. Procurement processes are transparent and – even with a long–standing business relationship - are based on the principles of free competition.

Suppliers who do not meet the required quality criteria or do not or do not sufficiently take into account protection, safety and remuneration regulations will be excluded from awarding contracts.


Behavior towards its employees

The most important success factor for the RUBIG Group are its motivated, committed and innovative employees. As a family business, we feel particularly close to our employees. RUBIG has been run as a family business since 1946.

Our employees ensure the success of this company through continuous improvement of all business processes. Open communication, such as the direct dialogue with our colleagues, employees and management, as well as targeted information policies are very important to the RUBIG Group.

Many of our employees have been associated with the RUBIG Group for decades. We intend to establish long-term employment relationships with diverse, interesting areas of responsibility and promote the personal education and further development of our employees throughout the Group of companies. Our intention is to attract managers from our own ranks and thus ensure knowledge transfer within the group of companies.

It goes without saying that the same standards regarding employee protection, occupational medicine and safety technology apply to all employees.

The guidelines of RUBIG regarding employees are:

All its employees are treated equally and fairly. We do not accept any discrimination in terms of ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, cultural origin or age.

The interaction with each other in this company is characterized by mutual respect, fairness and trust. We promote our employees as far as possible in their professional and personal development and makes ambitious but realistic target agreements with them.

Occupational safety and accident prevention

RUBIG is aware that non-compliance with safety guidelines can have drastic consequences for the person concerned as well as for others. That is why the areas of occupational safety and accident prevention are of great importance.

The guiding principles in the field of occupational safety & accident prevention are:

RUBIG continuously trains employees in terms of occupational safety and accident prevention. All safety guidelines must be strictly followed.

The use of alcohol and other legal intoxicants and narcotics during the period of service is prohibited. Violations will be strictly sanctioned.

Technology and Sustainability

Technology and sustainability for future generations

RUBIG offers customer-specific optimal solutions through material, forming and thermal treatment expertise. The goal is forward integration, from the idea to the production of finished products for the end user. The innovation process is the driver for new technologies and product developments. Reaching the best possible quality at the core of how we see ourselves.

UN Global Compact Principles

The UN Global Compact-Principles and Social Responsibility

In accordance with the principles of the UN Global Compact, RUBIG is committed to full compliance with human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption throughout the entire Group of companies.

  • RUBIG respects and supports the protection of international human rights within the scope of its possibilities.
  • RUBIG ensures that it is not complicit in human rights violations.
  • RUBIG respects the freedom of assembly and the effective recognition of the right to collective wage negotiations.
  • RUBIG advocates the elimination of all forms of forced labor.
  • RUBIG advocates the abolition of child labour.
  • RUBIG advocates the elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation.
  • RUBIG supports a precautionary approach when dealing with environmental problems.
  • RUBIG is taking initiatives at home and abroad to create a greater sense of responsibility for the environment.
  • RUBIG promotes the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies and is partly involved in them with its own developments.
  • RUBIG stands up against all forms of corruption.