Gas nitriding and oxidizing


Maximum oven usable space: Ø 1.500 mm / 2.400 mm height
Maximum batch weight: 7.500 kg

If a nitriding coating alone does not meet the requirements, subsequent oxidation (directly in the nitriding process or as a separate process) can further improve corrosion resistance and coefficient of friction. In the targeted post-oxidation, an oxidizing atmosphere (e.g. by adding H2O or O2) the iron nitride coating on the surface of the workpiece is converted into an iron oxide layer.

The appropriate choice of temperature (up to 600°C), time and atmosphere can increase the corrosion resistance of a nitriding coating by a factor of 10. The surface of oxidized workpieces is anthracite-colored and has a lower coefficient of friction than nitrided surfaces.

Advantages of GASOX®

Short lead times

Through close coordination with our customers, lead times can be reduced.

Precipitation-free nitriding

Can be used flexibly for various, individually adaptable applications.

Cost-effective series

A high filling level per batch enables more cost-effective series production.

Improved corrosion protection

The corrosion protection of the components can be additionally increased by our GASOX® process.

Classic applications

Crankshafts, camshafts, toothed shafts, connecting rods ...

Gears, ring gears, pinions, ...

Bearing rings, bearing balls, ...

Machine tool parts

Spindles and screws

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RUBIG's gas nitriding systems are the result of decades of experience and further developments. RUBIG Industrial Furnaces' GASCON Technology stands for highly efficient and advanced gas nitriding.