Thin-film technology


PVD is a thin-film technology (up to approx. 5 µm), which is used to coat metals, glass, ceramics, plastics and textiles. At RUBIG, this hard coating is available in various colors.

We coat metals and much more!

Our RUBIG thin films can be found on jewelry as well as on fittings, in toolmaking and mechanical engineering, automotive, transport and in medical technology.

Layer development adapted to your requirements

Would you like to tailor PVD coatings perfectly to your needs? Contact us and we will find the ideal solution for you and your products together with you! Because we can run PVD coating in-house, we can also respond to special needs outside the standard coating systems.


This is how the process works

At RUBIG, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) stands for cutting-edge technology that takes the coating of components to a new level. In a high vacuum process, atoms and atomic clusters are deposited by a selected metallic target – such as titanium, chromium or copper. This advanced method includes techniques such as thermal evaporation, ion plating or the innovative magnetron sputtering, which we have perfected at RUBIG.

Our PVD process allows the production of extremely resistant hard coatings with a thickness of a few nm up to approximately 5 µm. By precisely activating the surface of the substrate material, we ensure excellent adhesion of the coating – a critical step for a long-lasting bond. The adaptability of this process is outstanding: not only a wide variety of metals, but also a variety of substrates can be used as coating materials – metals, ceramics, glass, plastics and even textiles can be refined.

A decisive advantage of RUBIG PVD technology is surface activation at low temperatures. This ensures that no distortion occurs even with heat-sensitive materials such as plastics. 

With RUBIG's expertise in PVD coating technology, we are opening up new dimensions of surface finishing in order to meet the demanding requirements of our customers and to offer innovative solutions for a variety of applications.

How can we help?

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Industrial Furnaces

Our Pvd coating furnace


Our MICROPULS® Lotus system lets you benefit from innovative and individual PVD thin-film technology. The perfect addition for perfect surfaces.