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Dual Academy “Technics”


Dual Academy “Technics”

RUBIG is a training company for the new Dual Academy

Would you like to get paid to learn? You can! From now on, as part of the Dual Academy, the RUBIG Group will be training interested AHS [academic secondary school] graduates who want to dive straight into the working world and earn their own money to become highly-qualified employees. The Dual Academy is a new Trainee-Program which has been developed as an initiative of the Upper Austria Chamber of Commerce and is unique in all of Austria. The focus is on sought-after modern professions which the job market is looking for.


The job description DA Professional “Technics” (Core area: mechatronics) is trained at the RUBIG Group. The training will last 2.5 years and includes 3 areas:


  • An Operational Trainee Program directly at RUBIG
  • Teaching technical theory via computer centres in the vocational schools
  • Teaching social, digital and international future competences


In parallel, a practice-oriented future project will be developed together with a mentor.


Graduation from the Dual Academy includes a subject-specific examination, the graded future project as well as the new official qualification of Upper Austria Business, “DA Professional”.


What are the advantages of the new dual academy?

  • Getting paid to learn
  • Direct, guaranteed career start
  • Attractive starting salary combined with a high-quality and guaranteed vocational training
  • Comprehensive Trainee Programme at a model company (or generally: at selected companies)
  • Training for an occupation which is in high demand
  • Learning what you really need
  • Shorter training than a course of studies
  • Flexibility due to entry opportunities during the year
  • Placements abroad
  • New official Upper Austria qualification. Economy: ”DA Professional”
  • Compatible with further qualifications that build on this

“With the Dual Academy” we have achieved an important step in the expansion of our range of training programmes - important both for our young people and for the economy. The advanced secondary school-leavers benefit because they are not compelled to go on to further study at university or technical college to receive a sound vocational training, now they can start earning money straight after their school certificate and, on top of that, gain valuable, practice-oriented vocational training. Companies benefit because another target group for dual training becomes available to them. We are hoping that many academic secondary school graduates and many companies will take advantage of this new offer!”

Dipl. (Chartered engineer) Günter Rübig (CEO of the RUBIG Group and Chairman of the Upper Austria Industry Division of the Upper Austria Chamber of Commerce) and August Stockinger (Chairman of the Upper Austria Mechatronics Specialist Group)

“From Autumn 2018, the new Dual Academy will offer academic secondary school graduates a fantastic opportunity to start their working life with immediate success - combined with a compact, practice-oriented qualification and interesting long-term prospects. Industry in Upper Austria and myself are standing 100% behind this tailor-made initiative for academic secondary school graduates” says Mag.a Doris Hummer, President of the Upper Austria Chamber of Commerce Being paid to learn, direct, guaranteed career start, attractive entry salary combined with a high-quality and guaranteed vocational training, comprehensive Trainee Program at model companies (or generally: at selected companies), training in an especially high-demand profession, learning which you really need, shorter training than college studies, flexibility due to entry opportunities during the year, internships abroad, the new official Upper Austria qualification. Economy: “DA Professional”, connectivity with further qualifications based on thereon

Mag.a Doris Hummer (President of the Upper Austria Chamber of Commerce)


If you are interested in this challenge, please send your informative application to us by post to:



Griesmühlstraße 4

4600 Wels



Please note that we will not reimburse any expenses (e.g. travel costs, daily allowances or overnight costs) which are incurred in the course of your application.