Plasma Nitriding system

This MICROPULS® Everest plasma nitriding system offers our customers the cutting edge of nitriding technology. It is used in numerous industries, from automotive to contract heat treatment to aviation and wind energy.

With powerful generators, the MICROPULS® Everest delivers optimal results in the processes PLASNIT® and PLASOX®. The increase in the degree of filling results in a more cost-efficient plasma nitriding. The user-friendly operation (remote access and online diagnostics) increases efficiency.

Automation solutions enable integration into every production. Its modularity makes the MICROPULS® Everest flexible - perfect for in-house sourcing and upgrades in the future.

Thanks to decades of experience in plant construction, we know what is important. The MICROPULS®Everest therefore stands for highly efficient and advanced plasma nitriding. Discover our premium system and rethink nitriding.

typical plasma nitriding results

Plasma nitriding



Flexible plant systems are perfect for in-house sourcing and upgrades in the future.

Industry 4.0

Individually developed automation solutions, integrated into your production.

User-friendly and efficient operation

Remote access and online diagnostics increase your efficiency.

MICROPULS® Technology

Optimal processes are made possible by powerful high-tech plasma generators.

Temperature control

Independent multi-heating and cooling zones as well as temperature measurement directly on the component for perfect reproducibility.


From standard sizes and customer-specific plant solutions to special plant production and control solutions.

Optimized processes

Optimized processes enable an increase in the degree of filling and thus a cost-efficient plasma nitriding.

Environmental friendliness

Optimal energy efficiency.

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RUBIG After-Sales

RUBIG also accompanies its partners and customers during the operation of the system. The fastest possible spare parts service and online remote maintenance are part of our standard repertoire.

For this purpose, RUBIG offers you after-sales maintenance packages according to your individual requirements.
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Plasma nitriding


RUBIG customers implement the PLASNIT® and PLASOX® processes in the MICROPULS® Everest.


Find out more about the PLASNIT® and PLASOX® processes here!

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