Equipment for hard coatings

The MICROPULS® Procoat is the optimal system solution in the field of hard coatings - from mold making to component coating. 

MICROPULS® Procoat scores with its wide range of applications (multicoating, gradient or nanocomposite coatings and variable coating structure) even for large and complex components and lower treatment temperatures compared to conventional CVD methods. DUPLEX processes enable an all-in-one solution and thus lower unit costs.

With us, modern plant construction meets experience and passion: The MICROPULS® Procoat convinces in many industries, from aluminum die casting and plastic injection molding to machine and tool construction to food processing. Discover the advantages and make an appointment for a consultation today!

Hard coating


Wide process selection

A wide variety of PLASTIT® processes are possible depending on the requirements.


Wide range of applications for multicoating, gradient or nanocomposite coatings.

Lower temperature

Comparatively small dimensional change due to lower treatment temperatures compared to conventional CVD methods.

Application range

Large and complex components can be coated economically.


Variable coating structure, even for complex components.

DUPLEX processes

Lower unit costs thanks to an all-in-one solution.

Improved ecological balance

The possibility of replacing toxic chromium (VI).

Temperature control

Independent multi-heating and cooling zones as well as temperature measurement directly on the component for perfect reproducibility.

MICROPULS® technology

Perfect processes thanks to powerful high-tech plasma generators.

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Hard coating


Our customers realize the PLASTIT® process with this coating system.


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