Industrial Furnaces
RÜBIG Industrial Furnaces
DLC Coating System - MICROPULS® Diamond Xtended
The Coating System - MICROPULS® Procoat
Plasma Nitriding System - MICROPULS® Everest
Gas Nitriding System - GASCON K2
RÜBIG Support
Heat Treatment
RÜBIG Heat Treatment
RÜBIG Slovakia
Plasma nitriding - PLASNIT®
Hard coating - PLASTIT®
Vacuum hardening - R.VAC+®
Case hardening - R.CARB+®
Gas nitriding - R.NIT+®
further markets are in progress
Die Forge
RÜBIG Die Forge
Safety Linchpins
Drive and Conveyor Systems
Leisure products
Machining Technology
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Competence Center
Research and Development
Material testing
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Facts and Figures


  • Management: ppa. Ing. Walter Hacker (COO RÜBIG Heat Treatment), DI Harald Plöckinger (CEO RÜBIG Group), DI Günter Rübig (CEO RÜBIG Group), DI (FH) Robert Horvath MBA (CFO RÜBIG Group), ppa. DI Thomas Müller MSc (COO RÜBIG Engineering), ppa. DI Ralph Tikal (COO RÜBIG Die Forge)

Facts and Figures

Date of Company Formation:

1946 (family owned forging plant)
Legal form:GmbH & Co KG




  • DI Günter Rübig (CEO RÜBIG Group)
  • DI (FH) Robert Horvath MBA (CFO RÜBIG Group)
  • DI Harald Plöckinger (COO RÜBIG Group)
  • ppa. Ing. Walter Hacker (COO RÜBIG Heat Treatment)
  • ppa. DI Thomas Müller, MSc (COO RÜBIG Industrial Furnaces)
  • ppa. DI Ralph Tikal (COO RÜBIG Die Forge)
Purpose of the Company:Products and services for metalworking and processing
Business Units:
  • RÜBIG Heat Treatment (Marchtrenk, Austria)
  • RÜBIG Industrial Furnaces (Wels, Austria)
  • RÜBIG Die Forge (Wels, Austria)
International Sites:
  • RÜBIG SK, k.s. (Heat Treatment)
  • RÜBIG ALU Deutschland UG (Heat Treatment)
  • RUBIG US, Inc. (Industrial Furnaces)
  • RUBIG Industrial Furnances (Taicang) Co. Ltd. (Industrial Furnaces)
Office & Dealership:in more than 20 countries
Turnover (2017/2018):EUR 66 Mio.
Export ratio:48%
Current number of employees: more than 400 employees worldwide
Industry Sectors:
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
Technological leadership:
  • Plasma nitriding and coating technology
    • MICROPULS® technology
    • DLC (Diamond like carbon) coating
  • 5-axis laser processing centre
    • RCC - RÜBIG Competence Center, one of the most advanced materials laboratories in Europe


Investment in R&D:10%