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Seminars and training courses

Seminars and training courses

Seminars & training courses

Theory and practical experience from the field of heat treatment are imparted; the seminars are aimed particularly at designers, manufacturers and planning engineers who do not yet have any knowledge of this special manufacturing technology or who want to expand their existing knowledge.


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Be sure to take advantage of our seminars and courses and don't forget: Those who know nothing must believe everything!


In planning, design and manufacturing, know-how and experience in materials science, heat treatment and failure analysis constitute highly useful tools to help prevent unwanted surprises and defects.

Typically, it's not enough to know the individual heat treatment procedures, and a basic knowledge of heat treatment is equally important for both designers and manufacturers.

We offer our outstanding wealth of experience and our expertise in the form of courses and seminars. This is an ideal opportunity to acquire basic knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of heat treatment.  


We offer these courses and training sessions in different scopes, as multi-day events at our premises as well as in shorter units for larger groups at your company.


Topics of focus of the RÜBIG seminars:

  • What designers, manufacturers and planning engineers should know about steel and heat treatment
  • Which technical principles need to be respected
  • Which standards and sources of information are available
  • Areas of application and benefits of the different heat treatment procedures
  • How to avoid errors and defects during component planning
  • How to display heat treatment details in drawings
  • The ideal strategy – from component requirements up to the right choice in materials and heat treatments
  • How heat treatment should be commissioned


There are no seminars planned at the moment.


DI Norbert Pirzl

Head of Damange Analysis Department