The first plasma nitriding plant celebrates its 25th birthday

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It has already been 25 years since RUBIG Industrial Furnaces built its first plasma nitriding plant. This plant laid the foundation for an impressive company history and for the path to becoming an absolute nitriding specialist. Surprising but true: the plasma nitriding system, which was still completely manually operated at that time, is still in use today. Although no longer as a production plant, but equipped with a new visualization as a training facility for RUBIG customers.

    Standstill means a step backwards

    A lot has changed and developed in these 25 years. For example, MICROPULS® EVEREST, the company's plasma nitriding system, impresses today with its above-average system usage degree, its temperature homogeneity and its easy integration into existing production lines. The fully automated loading or the worldwide networking of the systems would not have been conceivable at the beginning of the development.

    The in-house contract heat treatments in Austria and Slovakia also make a significant contribution to the further development of the technologies through their daily use.  

    RUBIG Industrial Furnaces is now already represented in around 42 countries with systems for improving steel surfaces. The customer list includes major automobile manufacturers and aviation suppliers as well as small, family-run heat treatment companies.  

    In addition to plasma nitriding systems, RUBIG Industrial Furnaces also manufactures systems for gas nitriding and plasma-assisted coating. All methods improve the wear resistance as well as the hardness and corrosion resistance of components.  

    Value investment employees

    The combination of young and inspiring, as well as long-standing and experienced employees makes the steady progress at RUBIG possible in the first place. Thus, the average age of the staff is 37 years, and the average length of service in the company is more than 10 years. Some of those employees who have been members of RUBIG Industrial Furnaces for about 20 years could therefore not be absent at the birthday party of the plasma nitriding system.