Do you need components of the highest precision, the best material properties and durability?

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Complete solutions from a single source: The core competence of RUBIG Die Forge is the production of die forged parts as well as their further processing. We are happy to let our experienced employees take over the forging-friendly design and the transition from the design drawing or sketch to the die forged part which we can then reliably manufacture in cost-effective series production.

    In addition to the production of die forged parts, RUBIG has specialized in the production of complex components. Multifunctional turning-drilling-milling centers are used in RUBIG Machining. The possibilities include turning, drilling, milling, gearing, grinding as well as automatic workpiece measurement. By interpolating up to 5 axes, every geometric contour can be processed efficiently with maximum precision. There are therefore almost no limits to the workpiece complexity. The design and manufacture of the required clamping devices are also carried out at RUBIG in-house.

    All the necessary tools are manufactured in-house in our own tool shop, so the best quality and absolute secrecy can be guaranteed.

    Our range of services
    • CNC Turning Chucking Parts
      • up to ø 300 mm
      • Center width 1,000 mm
    • CNC Bar Turning Parts
      • up to ø 42 mm
      • Loading magazine 1,000 mm
    • CNC Milling
      • up to 800 x 1,000 x 1,000 mm
      • up to 5 axes
      • up to 120 tools;
    • Dovetail
      • up to ø 250 mm
      • straight and helical gears up to module 6
      • Splined shaft profiles, serrations, sprocket serrations
    • Surface grinding, barrel finishing, etc.

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