The future of aerospace

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RUBIG has been an integral part of aerospace suppliers for years and is literally "ready for take-off" when it comes to extreme requirements and high quality standards.

    In particular, nitriding technology, i.e. the diffusion of nitrogen into steel surfaces in order to increase their wear and corrosion resistance, is a popular process in this industry and is becoming increasingly important. Especially Components of gearboxes, bearings, actuators and chassis are predestined for nitration due to the high stress they are under. By a subsequent oxidation and/or coating, an even higher quality is possible.

    In addition to contract nitriding, RUBIG also manufactures the corresponding systems, which are now in use in over 40 countries. Many of them are used in and for aerospace applications, for example for the heat treatment of shafts, bearing balls, molds or couplings. A special system design also ensures that customers receive all the necessary certifications for aviation from a technical point of view.

    Do you also have questions about nitriding or coating in the aerospace industry? Contact us.