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From the blank to the ready-to-install serial part

At RUBIG you get all this from a single source. From the forged raw part to the ready-to-install, i.e. mechanically machined, surface-finished, welded and, if necessary, assembled component, RUBIG is your competent partner. You can also count on the experience and creativity of the experienced employees for the development and testing of your parts.

    Die forged parts - economical and flexible
    Die forged parts offer interesting possibilities:

    • An optimized geometric shape reduces the weight of a component at full load capacity
    • A much wider selection of materials compared to other manufacturing processes
    • Only minimal machining is required

    Our range of services:

    • Unit Weight: 0 - 4.00 kg
    • Max. Length: 400 mm
    • Material: Structural steel, case steel, heat-treated steel, stainless steel, etc.
    • Heat treatment: Normalizing, tempering, case hardening, nitriding, etc.
    • Further processing: turning, milling, welding, assembly, etc.
    • Surface treatment: electroplating, painting, hard material coating, etc.


    Are you already thinking of a specific component that could be of interest to you? Contact us.