RUBIG Aluminum - Full expansion of the site in Pilsting

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The Pilsting location was put into operation in September 2015, and the branch is being further expanded due to the strong increase in demand. The series start of customer parts at the Pilsting location will take place from January 2018. From March 2018, new production facilities will be set up, as well as new fully automatic continuous production facilities, a blasting system for component cleaning and, for the first time in the Group, a fully automatic batching system.

    The handling process is automated to such an extent that the components delivered by the customer are still supplied to the automation system in the packaging. The automation takes over all process steps: unpacking, batching of the components, rack and grid box transport, de-batching of the parts, equipping the blasting machine as well as packaging of the components.

    A separate laboratory will be set up for quality testing. The total production area incl. Logistics and warehouse includes almost 4,000 m². As of 2019, more than 25 million kg of aluminum will be processed per year.


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