RUBIG hunting knives - High-tech combined with craftsmanship sets new standards

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Forged quality - safe and individual

RUBIG hunting knives are forged in a die. For the production and the necessary heat treatment, the know-how of a modernly equipped industrial company and a high level of competence in-house can be used.

    Stability and security

    In contrast to knives that are ground from flat materials, die forged knife blades have an ideal and continuous fiber profile. It is also possible to produce significantly wider cross-sections, e.g. in the transition from the handle to the blade. Knives with this shape lie comfortably in the hand and ensure absolute safety during use. With a high use of force, this also minimizes the risk of sliding towards the cutting edge.

    The careful selection of the steel grade, the precise die forging, the heat treatment, as well as the coating of the knife blade guarantee the highest quality. In combination with the artisanal craftsmanship of a knife maker, hunting knives are created that last a lifetime and inspire again and again.

    RUBIG hunting knives are offered in individual versions as finished products, but also as forged blanks or machined blanks. Each hunting knife can be individually marked with a monogram or a name. For more information, see: