A new dimension of furnace controls

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Continuous further developments are the basis for high-quality and future-oriented furnaces. "In order to be prepared for the future we changed to the latest generation of Siemens PLCs, for example, and programmed on the Siemens'TIA portal. In addition, it was crucial to incorporate the increasingly important safety equipment into the control system,“ said software engineers Erik Fechter and Siegfried Zauner.

    The new development is only really visible to the customer in everyday life during the use of the newly designed visualization. Getting the most important information at a glance is just the basis. Here are some other new features:

    • The new, integrated order management system makes it possible to track orders even more precisely and feed them with further inputs, e.g. Customer data, pictures or other items.
    • Occurring alarms are not only reported, but also provide information on their troubleshooting or prevention at the same time.
    • The documentation is immediately available in digital form via the visualization. This put an end to browsing and searching in folders.

    A specially equipped service area also facilitates operation and ensures long-term system availability:

    • Integrated parts lists provide an overview of the delivery status of the system. 
    • The possibility of integrating changes and conversions guarantees flexibility.
    • All maintenance and service work can be entered, called up and documented.
    • Additionally integrated operating hour meters provide the customer with information about the utilization and wear of the respective system components.
    • Spare parts can be placed in a shopping cart directly from the current parts list via the visualization and can then be ordered. Internal ordering processes can also be taken into account.

    The new visualization is an example of Industry 4.0 in action, coupled with modern design and user-friendly functions. It reflects the many years of experience of RUBIG Industrial Furnaces.

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