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RUBIG - We have been making steel resistant for 70 years!

Established as a metal competence center in the industry, the RUBIG Group combines decades of material knowledge with the latest technologies and innovations to serve customers.

    70th company anniversary

    On September 23, the RUBIG Group celebrates its 70th anniversary. The family-owned company RUBIG, founded in 1946, has developed from a small die forge into an internationally successful group of companies with 400 employees at 7 locations in Austria, Slovakia, Germany and the USA.

    Cornerstone for technological advantage

    Already in the founding phase, the main focus of the family business was on the development of optimal solutions for specific customer needs. The first in-house products such as linchpins and chains were already in great demand at that time. This laid the foundation for the technological advantage of the RUBIG Group. Every year about 8 – 10% of the turnover is spent on research & development.

    Know-how in many areas

    Renowned companies from the automotive, machine, tool, agricultural machinery and aerospace industries are now among the customers of the RUBIG Group worldwide. The export share is around 50%. The products of the company are also used in many areas in the motorsport sector. In racing, RUBIG plasma nitriding technology is in great demand in order to achieve a long service life and ideal mileage of the engine components.

    The latest developments such as diamond-like coatings are opening up new markets and customer groups.

    Aviation also relies on RUBIG know-how. Since 2014, when the company was certified as an aviation supplier, we heat treat (harden) bearings for turbines and transmission parts, among other things.  

    RUBIG continues on the road to success

    In addition to the worldwide successful sales of RUBIG Industrial Furnaces, the company continues to expand internationally and thus also strengthens the locations in Austria.

    In July 2013, further locations of the family-owned company were opened in Slovakia and the USA, and in Germany in 2015. In the coming years, RUBIG will continue to expand its global technological leadership as a materials specialist in heat treatment.  

    "I am very proud of the development of the RUBIG Group. In the future, we will continue to build on the success of the past 70 years and further accelerate it through the innovative spirit of the company,“ says GE Günter Rübig.

    Hot jobs at RUBIG for young people

    At RUBIG, apprenticeship training is an important way of training qualified specialists who remain in the company and thus make a significant contribution to the company's success.

    In the last 10 years, a total of 220 apprentices have been trained, currently 29 apprentices in 4 different professions.  

    Company data (as of 23.09.2016)

    Turnover: approx. EUR 50 million;

    Areas: Industrial Funaces / Heat Treatment / Die Forge / Aluminum / Motor technology

    Employees: about 400

    Locations: 7 locations in 4 different countries (Austria, Slovakia, Germany, USA)

    Investments FY 2016/17: approx. EUR 8 million.