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RUBIG Industrial Furnaces is one of the leading international suppliers of systems for nitriding and coating of steel components and has established itself with its "MICROPULS® Everest" - a plasma nitriding system - as a significant name in the industry. MICROPULS® Everest – this furnace represents the pinnacle of nitriding technology and is already in use by customers in over 40 countries.

    In order to take a further step towards rounding off the product portfolio of a nitriding specialist, RUBIG has now finally included the gas nitriding technology "GASCON K2" in its portfolio on October 26th. The company thus offers the most common processes in the field of nitriding; the only edge coating hardening process that combines high surface hardness, high internal compressive stresses and good tribological properties with the lowest distortion behavior.

    "The decision to expand the range was made due to increased inquiries from customers who appreciate RUBIG's nitriding competence, professional project management and optimal customer support. These customers also want to have these amenities in the field of gas nitriding and will thus intensify the partnership.", says Thomas Müller, Managing Director of the Industrial Furnaces Division.

    Due to the newly expanded product portfolio, the nitriding specialist RUBIG is meeting the challenge of diversity and complexity of technically and economically optimal solutions with a high degree of application, process and customer understanding. In addition to the given mechanical engineering competence, which the company considers as a basic requirement, RUBIG has proven its farsightedness on the market with this expansion of the product range towards cross-industry customer requirements by a targeted consideration of their entire process chain.

    The process

    In contrast to plasma nitriding, gas nitriding convinces with its thick compound layers and a comparatively high pore margin – attributes that are indispensable for certain further processing. In addition, the use of controlled atmospheres enables the efficient and economical treatment of high charging densities and the nitriding of the components at all desired points without exception, even down to the smallest bore. Places that should not be nitrated are covered with a protective paste.

    The RUBIG Group of companies

    Founded in 1946, as a leading development partner and supplier with an international clientele of all metalworking industries, it comprises the four strategic business areas die forging, heat treatment, aluminum and industrial furnaces. The holding and management company is RUBIG GmbH, based in Wels/Austria. It defines basic goals and company policy and, as an internal service provider, performs the central tasks in the financial, personnel and information/communication areas.

    The Industrial Furnaces Division has been in existence since 1992 and is engaged in the production of tailor-made heat treatment plants. Valuable know-how can be obtained from the in-house contract heat treatment shop and put directly into the construction of the systems.  

    70th anniversary of the company

    A special anniversary beer, roast pork and pretzels – RUBIG had a hearty meal in September, when the group of companies celebrated its 70th anniversary. We were looking back on an eventful time. The company developed from a small die forge into an internationally operating large-scale enterprise, which, in addition to the automotive, machine tool and agricultural machinery industries, is now increasingly including the aviation industry among its clientele.

    "I am very proud of the development of the RUBIG Group. In the future, we will continue to build on the success of the past 70 years and continue to accelerate it through the innovative spirit of our employees,“ emphasized Managing Director GE Günter Rübig in the course of the celebrations.  

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