Opening of the most modern aluminum heat treatment plant in Europe

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The RUBIG Aluminum in Pilsting was officially opened on 28 September in the presence of numerous customers, friends and employees of the RUBIG Group.

    RUBIG Alu Pilsting is the RUBIG Group's fourth location abroad, alongside Slovakia, the USA and China. Construction of the now 4,000 m² sized plant began in September 2015 and the first production runs started in December of the same year. In September 2018, just in time for the official opening, the first large-scale series could be produced. The capacity now includes three fully automatic continuous production lines for up to 1 million aluminum cylinder blocks per year. All production steps were automated. The 15 employees on site are responsible for logistics, process monitoring and quality controls. For the RUBIG Group, this new location represents the largest foreign investment in the company's history, with an investment sum of approximately 10 million. RUBIG Alu Pilsting now has the most modern plant in Central Europe in terms of environmental friendliness, energy efficiency and automation.