RUBIG fastening technology - small parts with great responsibility

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You are looking for secure connections and safety fasteners on your machines: RUBIG has the suitable safety linchpin for you!

    The standard range of RUBIG linchpins includes more than 80 types and sizes. A typical application of fastening technology are quick-to-release plug-in connections, as they often occur on agricultural or construction machinery. In addition to the proven safety linchpins, a large selection of pipe clips, form clips and safety chains is also available. Well-known manufacturers worldwide in agriculture and mechanical engineering rely on the high-quality products of RUBIG Fastening technology.

    If no standard article can be used for your application, RUBIG will find a special solution together with you! If necessary, RUBIG designs and develops products individually tailored to your requirements, because only an exactly fitting fastening part guarantees the best possible functionality and safety.

    You can also order all products from the standard range online.