Plasma nitriding technology for large gear manufacturing

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With the production of the largest diameter furnace in the company's history, RUBIG Industrial Furnaces is setting new standards.

    With a usage diameter of 2.2 m, it is the largest plasma nitriding system in cross section that RUBIG Industrial Furnaces has produced to date. It will soon be used in China and will provide the nitriding of ring gears for the wind power industry. In addition to the furnace technology itself, which allows RUBIG to control all process parameters independently of each other and thus flexibly respond to the application, the company's new Chinese service location was also decisive for the customer's final decision. In the future, support with regard to maintenance, spare parts and process developments will therefore be provided directly on site.

    Nitriding is finding its way more and more into drive production in particular, because due to its low delay, it can make subsequent processes such as regrinding or blasting obsolete and thus significantly reduces the overall production costs. Coupled with the fact that, in contrast to traditional heat treatments, no toxic gases are used and no open flames are required, plasma nitriding technology provides the perfect basis for being easily integrated into production lines of serial manufacturers.