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With RUBIG Technology and Laser Center GmbH, the founding building in Schafwiesenstraße was brought up to the latest standards.

    Within one year, it was possible to invest almost 3 million euros in new plants and infrastructure on more than 400 m² of production space. The focus of this newly established research location is on the development and testing of new technologies in the areas of surface technology, heat treatment and manufacturing technology. The aim of these systems is to be able to offer RUBIG's customers new solutions for wear and corrosion protection in the medium term, but also to increase fatigue strength. The application possibilities of these technologies are as diverse as its customers. Among other things, they offer the possibility of reusing aircraft turbine blades or increase the durability of blades, industrial knives or drill heads many times over. Special attention is paid to laser technology for "additive manufacturing".

    Everything lasers

    The laser as a central element offers almost unlimited possibilities in this field. Technologies and processes such as laser cladding, laser hardening, laser cutting and welding can be further developed and optimized in this way. Intensive research is also being conducted on PVD coating technology (physical vapor deposition). This opens up completely new opportunities for many industries, such as medical technology or aviation.