A chain is as strong as its weakest link

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Are you looking for a chain that can withstand the highest loads in agriculture, wood processing, disposal, recycling, etc., even under harsh operating conditions? The production of the chain conveyor should be individual, but uncomplicated? RUBIG heavy-duty chains are extremely robust and withstand the highest loads.

    RUBIG heavy-duty drive chains have been developed for the highest loads. In contrast to the well-known RUBIG chains, this new type of chain is made with closed joints. This results in improved fatigue strength, a simple sprocket geometry and maximum flexibility in the deflection of the chain. RUBIG heavy-duty chains are forged from boron-alloy steel as a standard. Conveyor strips, carriers, etc. can also be welded directly in this new chain in a simple manner. Extended chain bolts are also a cost-effective alternative as a fastening option. Unlike round link chains, die forged RUBIG chains are not subject to stress on singular points or stretching of the chain links during power transmission. All forces are evenly distributed over large joint surfaces, so the wear of the chain remains extremely low. This results in a longer service life and low maintenance costs.

    Furthermore, the design of the chain links, which is designed for optimized stress distribution, as well as the high–quality material lead to a low weight - in relation to the operating load.


    The advantages of RUBIG heavy-duty drive chains are:

      • die forged and tempered
      • extremely strong and elastic
      • large joint surfaces = reduced wear = low elongation
      • arbitrary deflection of the chain, advantageous for Z-shaped conveyors
      • good weldability 
      • low weight


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