RUBIG US climbs to new heights

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RUBIG continues its international expansion course. For the traditional Austrian company, optimal support for its customers in the booming US market is very important

    After an intensive search we found a valuable sales partner for the Industrial Furnaces Division in Mountain Rep in Cleveland. In a very short time, a fertile ground for cooperation was created - through shared values, such as many years of experience and an excellent reputation on the market. The topic of mountains also connects both companies. At RUBIG, our furnaces have sounding names like "Everest", or "K2", at Mountain Rep the company name already implies this relation. Rosanne Brunello, the Managing Director of Mountain Rep enjoys an international reputation. A winner of the ASM President Award Cleveland, she is distinguished by 35 years of experience in the sale of heat treatment furnaces, pumps and products. Their expertise is enriched with many years of experience in the aerospace industry. She is supported by John Young. The assistant professor of metallurgy at Macomb Community College can look back on 40 years of professional experience.