RUBIG Drives and Conveyors - Die forged and dismountable chains

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The various chains from RUBIG do not have a weak link. RUBIG supplies the ideal chain for rough operation: insensitive, wear-resistant and dismountable by hand. 

    In addition to the classic chain T, RUBIG also produces the further developed version C, which differs from the classic chain by a larger looping of the hook, and heavy-duty drive chains. Unlike round link chains, RUBIG chains have no concentrated stress on singular points and only minimal elongation during power transmission.

    All forces are evenly distributed on large-area cylinders. This results in a longer service life and lower maintenance costs. Each chain link can be assembled or disassembled by hand. This is a great advantage when lengthening, shortening or changing the chain.

    The forged chain system from RUBIG is available in various pitches between 29.3 and 125 millimeters. RUBIG chains are not only available in different types of material, but also mounted in pairs and of the same length on customer inquiry. Innovation is our conviction – this is one of the most important guiding principles at RUBIG. That is why the proven chain systems are constantly being further developed.