RUBIG expands the field of surface technology

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RUBIG DLC Xtended coatings once again impress the competition with their long component life. In order to meet the constantly growing demand of customers, RUBIG is commissioning one of the largest DLC Xtended coating plants in the world.

    Due to the good success of our DLC-Xtended coating in the industry, the capacities in our surface center for this coating in particular have been steadily expanded in recent years. The special properties and unique selling points of the coating, as well as the good coatability of large, complex parts, mean that a variety of components are delivered to us for treatment. In order to meet the constantly growing requirements of our customers in terms of component size, delivery time, quantity per batch and, of course, costs, a new DLC Xtended coating system is being installed in the RUBIG surface center.

    In addition to the already known system size 100/180 (inner diameter 1000 mm, inner height 1800 mm), in which we already have two systems in operation, the new system has a size of 1500 mm inner diameter and 2400 mm inner height. We are thus commissioning one of the largest DLC Xtended coating systems in the world. The main project behind the purchase of the new plant is the unique DLC-Xtended coating of plain bearings for large-scale power generation plants. Currently, warehouses in this area are still state of the art.

    Due to the high and often premature wear that these bearings often exhibit, the industry is tending more and more to plain bearings. After many tests and trials by one of the largest system manufacturers with a focus on bearings and coating, the DLC Xtended coating from RUBIG emerged as the clear winner in terms of component service life. With this furnace and the progressive development of DLC Xtended coatings at RUBIG, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of DLC coating. Away from only small parts, simple geometries to a wide range of large and complex parts with high quality and reproducibility.