RÜBIG expands its nitriding competence

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Plasma nitriding is an inherent part in industries such as automotive, aviation, mechanical engineering, toolmaking and safety technology.

RÜBIG relies on intensive research and development both in the field of furnace technology and process technology. The aim is to meet the constantly increasing demands on the surface treatment of steel materials and to continuously expand its expertise.


The ongoing development of nitriding competence enables high-temperature plasma nitriding now. Temperatures up to 1.000 ° C are possible since June of this year.

The application potential is versatile, but the processing possibilities of titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys and Maraging steels are particularly worth to be mentioned. These developments are especially interesting in the fields of aviation and racing. A very successful series of tests with parts of titanium alloy TiAl6V4 is currently in progress.