Are you looking for a reliable partner in deep, gas or plasma nitriding of aerospace components?

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RUBIG has been offering specialized heat treatment technologies for safety relevant aerospace components for more than 15 years. Especially technologies like gas or plasma nitriding, carburizing or low pressure carburizing ensure sufficient surface modifications and improved lifetime.

In the aerospace industry, RUBIG has achieved great success in precipitation-free plasma nitriding with the material M50 and M50NiL and in deep nitriding of 32CDV13 for turbine parts. Catalyst for this achievement was know-how and experience gained from the engineering of heat treatment furnaces, process R&D and serial production.

RUBIG has proven their quality by keeping up to the standards of EN9100 for the past years. Now, they are taking the next step to fulfill customer requirements and introduce NADCAP standards for certain processes.