RÜBIG PLAPOL - a longer life for your components

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The "PLAPOL" process is a "coating" or diffusion process that increases the surface hardness of various steels such as cold work or tool steels. It is generally suitable for steels having a tempering temperature higher than 400 °C (e.g. 1.2343, 1.2311, 1.2316 or 1.2083).

Very similar to nitriding, atoms (e.g. nitrogen atoms) are embedded in the material matrix, whereby neither nitrides nor a compound layer will be formed.

The PLAPOL layer has a diffusion thickness of 10 - 70 µm and results in a hardness of more than 1,000 HV. It is highly wear resistant and can be repolished and repair welded. Unlike classic layers, neither surface irregularities nor spalling occur. The low process temperatures lead to a negligible risk of distortion. This process is free of distortions and will NOT build up any kind of layer.

Based on the small hardening depth, PLAPOL treatment is recommended only for tempered or hardened steels. Components retain their dimensional accuracy – no post treatment machining is necessary.RUBIG PLAPOL is especially suitable for injection moulding tools and filigree components.

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