Heat treatment for medical technology

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RUBIG offers a broad portfolio of heat treatment process for medical technology. In the field of vacuum hardening (an MDSAP certificate is provided) RUBIG draws on quite some experience with special or stainless steels (1.4028, 1.4034, etc). The focus is set on the needs of the end customer/the end field of application: resistance to corrosion, acid or blood and cleanability.

Particularly for the latter, coating is crucial. DLC Xtended coating is easy to clean, chemically inert and captivates through haptics and optics. DLC is amorphous and doesn't absorb foreign substances. It is ideal for medical applications in any settings. RUBIG works on research projects to achieve antiviral and antibacterial surfaces through coatings.

RUBIG Technology adds additional value to the portfolio. Customers take advantage of services as overlay welding of resistant materials (eg nickel-based) or the processing of stainless steel in combination with extremely high wear protection with the introduction of resin phases such as SiC.

RUBIG Competence Center (R&D + materials laboratory) is where materials science meets practical experience. It's the foundation and catalyst for technological leadership. Customers benefit from the strategical and operational support throughout the entire cooperation.