Companies from the motor sports industry trust in RÜBIG

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Within the motorsports industry and to ensure safety, the demands on component manufacturers and their suppliers are on the highest level. To ensure safety, many companies rely on heat treatment from RÜBIG.

RÜBIG works with companies from the most diverse racing sectors such as F1, DTM, 24h Le Mans, touring cars etc. Special steels such as GKHW, P107 or W460 are used for the highest standards in the automotive industry to produce drive systems, transmission parts and engine parts. In order to benefit from the excellent properties of these steels, the right heat treatment is absolutely necessary.

RÜBIG has made a name for itself in the racing scene with heat treatment processes specially developed for these steels. Case hardening, vacuum hardening, gas nitriding and plasma nitriding are the most popular heat treatment processes. Customers benefit from a high degree of solution orientation, joint process development and professional component monitoring. Customers particularly appreciate the technical advice based on the know-how of the research and development department and decades of practical experience.