The right heat treatment for the pharmaceutical industry

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OEMs and suppliers in the pharmaceutical industry see themselves confronted with engineering challenges of making production steps more efficient while keeping high quality levels. The different end applications, ranging from weighing and granulating to screening or mixing, allow no inaccuracies. 

The service life of such high-precision machinery is a key decision criterion. The correct heat treatment of the single components or groups of components within these machines can provide a decisive competitive advantage. Reliable protection against wear and corrosion, the possibility of effective and clean disinfection or, ideally, the application of biocidal surfaces are general requirements for every OEM. Vacuum hardening (R.VAC+®), case hardening (R.Carb+®), plasma (PLASNIT®) and gas nitriding (R.NIT+®) or various coating processes support RUBIG partners worldwide in meeting these requirements.

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