The Human Machine Interface (HMI)

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The human-machine interface (HMI) of our nitriding furnaces is characterized by the highest degree of user-friendliness. The menu is intuitively structured and thus also allows new operators a very fast orientation. Customers are particularly satisfied with the new program editor. With the help of the predefined templates, new heat treatment programs can be created very quickly.

    The open design of the HMI software enables data exchange with other IT components in the network. A wide range of interfaces is available for this purpose.



    Safe and efficient operation of the furnace is ensured by the use of a safety-oriented PLC and a highly developed alarm management system. If an alarm is triggered from the process, the system immediately creates a corresponding solution and suggests it to the operator.

    RUBIG Industrial Furnaces has been manufacturing customer-specific heat treatment furnaces for almost 30 years. The know-how we have gained in our in-house contract manufacturing and the close cooperation with our customers have significantly influenced the development of HMI software, the automation and the control of these systems. Today, customers worldwide benefit from this competitive advantage.

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