The first MICROPULS® Everest 300/300 Duo in the history of RUBIG!

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The MICROPULS® Everest 300/300 Duo system is the first of its kind. For the RUBIG project team, it was a special pleasure as well as challenge, to realize the system with a height and a diameter of 3 meters each for our customer. 

    RUBIG has succeeded in mastering the technical and metallurgical challenges. In this way, our system design could be adapted to the required dimensions and the special specifications could also be met. A nitration hardness depth (NHD) of 0.6 - 0.8 mm to 31CrMoV9/1.8519 was required.

    The MICROPULS® Everest 300/300 Duo system is now on its way to China and will be used by a supplier to the wind power industry. Due to the very satisfactory on-site service support and the technical conformity of the process, the customer has chosen RUBIG and is thus starting a new process - plasma nitriding.

    Feel free to contact us at[at]rubig[dot]com for more information.