Travelling safely with RUBIG know-how

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Safety is an essential aspect in public transport and companies put a lot of brainpower into the further development and guarantee of said safety. RUBIG Die Forge is now jumping on this bandwagon and is in the process of becoming a series supplier to the IFE Group, a market leader in the railway industry. 

    The role of RUBIG in the supply chain is the production of V-handlea, door leaf supports, spacers, cranks, swivel arms and support arms. These components are safety components for opening and closing doors on trains and trams. All parts are delivered ready for installation. They are forged in various sizes, mechanically and finely machined, as well as heat treated or coated. The tight tolerances, which are an essential quality criterion from a safety point of view, represent a major challenge. They require that the whole process be coordinated down to the smallest detail. The dimensions of the components were also completely new territory for RUBIG. The support arm is the largest component in terms of weight and size that the die forge is still able to produce.

    RUBIG Die Forge is therefore particularly proud of the successful course of this project.

    In this sense: be safe and "Mind the gap, please"!