The new RUBIG plasma generator

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The RUBIG plasma generator is the heart of every RUBIG MICROPULS system® and, as the name suggests, generates plasma. Plasma, the 4th state of aggregation after the solid, liquid and gaseous state, is formed when very large amounts of energy are supplied to a gas. This can be achieved either by heat, radiation or, as in the case of the RUBIG generator, by electrical voltage. 

    Voltage, current and frequency can be varied within the following limits:

    • Voltage: 0 - 700 V
    • Current: 0 - 300 A
    • Frequency: 125 Hz - 20 kHz

    The system can be operated in either voltage-controlled or current-controlled mode. The resistance is defined according to the gas mixture, the pressure, the temperature and the distances between the charged components and the distance to the anode wall. The respective quantity then equalizes according to Ohm's law. In the basic package, you can also choose between monopulse, bipolar or pure DC operation in each module.

    In addition to their reliable and energy-saving performance, the RUBIG generators also benefit from a modular design. Due to their compact design, they can be quickly integrated into existing production lines.