RUBIG PVD Technology

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RUBIG has been one of the global market leaders in the field of Coating Technology for several years. Today, RUBIG Technology is expanding its focus to the area of PVD. 

PVD, i.e. Physical Vapor Deposition, is a purely physical coating process. Under high vacuum, atoms and atomic clusters are stripped away from (usually) metallic targets via thermal vaporization, ion plating or sputtering. This metal vapor can be applied directly to a component metallizing) or it combines with an added reactive gas (generally nitrogen or carbon-containing gases). Complex chemical compounds are then formed. The layer thicknesses of these hard materials can be adjusted between 1 nm and 5 µm.

Both the coating system and the thickness are defined based on the specific customer requirements. The process takes place at low temperatures. This means there is little or no distortion of the components. Also in the case of plastic: the surface activation takes place at a maximum of 100°C and of course in plasma or with the aid of an ion source. RUBIG PVD systems allow exact adjustment of material properties such as hardness, adhesion, service life, or mechanical properties.