Reaching new heights with RUBIG technology

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RUBIG technology once again scales new heights. This time, however, it is on the drive systems respectively the main rotor mast and main gearbox of a civilian Russian transport helicopter. That particular helicopter can move its 6.5 tons (not including the 17 passengers) with a speed of up to 310 km/h.

A total of 106 components, including mainly shafts, gears, sleeves and spacer rings, are heat treated at RUBIG Heat Treatment. The processes used include case hardening for a case hardening depth of 0.35 to 2 mm max as well as vacuum hardening and quenching and tempering for a hardness of 50 to 60 HRC each. RUBIG furnaces thereby comply with AMS Standard 2750, i.e. it guarantees:

  • temperature uniformity in the working chamber
  • instrumentation (specification of the measuring and control equipment)
  • calibration of the measuring section from the controller via the measuring line to the thermocouple
  • Tests of the system accuracy

At RUBIG Competence Center, RCC for short, even the most system-critical components are put through their paces. In this way, RUBIG can meet and guarantee the highest quality and safety standards.

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